The Yes Sculpture was made in collaboration with friend and artist, Ildiko Buckley and commissioned by The Secret Garden Party in 2010.

We initialy came up with the idea for the sculpture for The Secret Garden Party, 2010 as an art piece. It’s shimmer disc finished glittered away as it bobbed on the lake and it was the most photographed piece at the festival. It’s positive meassage encouraged the festival revellers to intereact with it, some swimming out to get close to it and someone even proposed to their girlfriend in front of it!

The following year we re-created it again but this time with a mirror tile finish, on our own lake and surrounded by glittering mirror balls.

It featured at The Mayors Thames Festival, 2013 and everynight was transported to eleven of Londons famous parks and landmarks, something we are both very proud of.


Main image courtesy of Danny North